Robert Fertman              Ontological Life Coach and Financial Consultant


Robert Fertman


Having spent considerable time and energy exploring along several different dimensions, has led me to my present engagement as both an Ontological Life Coach and as a Financial Advisor. Those dimensions have always been for me, the blending of the inner life and outer world experiences, or said another way both the spiritual life and the business sides of living life.


As a young man possessed by an abiding passion for intellectual ideas, spirituality, and a search for truth, leading through quite a few paths and teachings over the past 30 years my life has been an inner journey. Having participated in encounter groups, personal growth workshops and empowerment trainings, NLP studies, Buddhist studies, yoga ashrams, T-groups/sensitivity training, organization development consultants training, psychoanalytic studies of groups and organizations, men's groups, intentional spiritual communities, transformational learning organizations, studies in modern and post-modern philosophy and linguistics, cultural-biology, ontological coaching, and emotional-somatic learning in my education,  each of which having made their contributions, constituting me as who I am today  as well as who I will be in the future. 


Across the years, like most people, the need to go to school, and create a livelihood in the world has been my outer journey.  Since college, I have been a financial analyst for a chemical company, a manufacturers representative for a furniture company, a marketing consultant, a stock broker with some of the nations largest financial firms, and a registered investment advisor in private practice.


Today, I am proud of the wisdom gained from my knowledge and my experience. Working as an Ontological Coach and as a Financial Consultant has inspired me to make my contribution through combining those two domains and offering an amalgam to individuals and organizations with the realization that they are two sides of the same coin, which when viewed that way are able to generate a life of expanded learning, prosperity, and spiritual depth.


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